About Us

As one of over 10,000 PC(USA) congregations in this country, we are supported by a deep and loving tradition of sound Biblical interpretation, good accountability in church governance, well-educated and called pastors and heartfelt prayer.  If you would like to know more about the Presbyterian Church (USA) please visit www.pcusa.org.

Our Mission

We are a Christian community that seeks to

  • welcome all in Christ's name,

  • serve others,

  • seek justice, and

  • nurture transforming relationships around God's Word.

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Our Staff




Rev. Mary E. Wright, Transtional Pastor

Barbara Thomas, Administrative Assistant

Cameron Craig, Music Director

Sharon Juriga, Organist and Pianist




Derek Graham, Custodian

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Our leadership

First Presbyterian Church is led by dedicated men and women.  Church officers include both a Session or church council and a Board of Deacons.  All participants are welcome to serve on committees and assist in planning ministries and events.

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The session consists of nine ruling elders in active service.  They are responsible for leading and equipping our congregation to be faithful followers of Christ.  They serve together as the governing body of the local congregation.  All committees and boards are accountable to it for their work.

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Board of Deacons

Deacons are responsible for leading the congregation in the care of members and participants.  They visit homebound and nursing home friends as well as those who are ill, recovering from surgery, or in need.  They often arrange for meals or assist with transportation when needed.  They assist with the Lord's Supper as well as home communion.

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The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the congregation's physical facilities.  They also oversee our newly acquired adjacent property at 304 8th Street.

The Christian Education Committee is responsible for all educational programs of the church.  

The Outreach and Fellowship Committee is responsible for the outreach of the church, for fellowship events, and for mission education and promotion.  These include coffee hour, picnics, game nights, swim parties, and other events that help people connect to one another as they deepen their connection to God.  They also promote the churchwide offerings of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The Personnel and Administration Committee provides a support and accountability group for the pastor and other staff.

The Stewardship, Finance and Mission Committee is responsible for holding before the congregation the New Testament concept of Christian stewardship as well as coordinating the development and funding of an annual operating budget.

The Worship Committee collaborates with the pastor in planning services of worship and facilitating special services during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Holy Week.

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